The Turtle and the Blackbirds

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Many, many ages ago, the universe was void – so void of anything of value let alone any life.  Only the Father Sun existed, waiting……Patiently at the centre of the universe…..Then one day, the Great Creator divined Turtle and his task was to honour Father Sun by walking around the sun.  In truth, Turtle only plodded…..paced non stop on what he thought was his seemingly empty, futile mission around Father Sun.

Then one day and thought later, the Great Creator from beyond the beyond divined and decided to create Mother Earth.  And give Turtle meaning and purpose to his existence.  He sent down 4 Blackbirds, as black as the empty universe to land on Turtle’s shell to keep him company.  Blackbirds unerringly stood at all four corners, north, south, east and west.  While the Turtle still mindfully encircled the sun, Blackbirds chattered incessantly…..Almost driving Turtle to insanity.  Long time after long time….Turtle looked back to his shell and hissed loudly.  POOF!!!!!!!  The four Blackbirds flew to Mother Earth to their rightful places, north, south, east and west.  Immediately, raw earth, water, fire and air then buffalo, coyote, dolphin and eagle and thusly, real Mother Earth were now created and complete.

But Turtle still mad forever, for he will always remember the non stop chatter of the birds.  To this day he even still hears them and is sure they are still there tormenting him still.  However he still continues his plod – plod – plodding around Father Sun – That is why we have day and night on Mother Earth –  A very, very annoyed Turtle and four noisey and chatty Blackbirds……


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