Memorial to a Great and Noble Family and Name

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Today I was daydreaming and somehow a great and noble family entered my dreams.  They were of semi-aristocratic lineage and background, one half of the family was the poisoner of our nation.  The other half was over seas class, beauty and elegance.  Then I dreamed and much later learned that the scions of that family were eliminated by a family curse…….and that saddened me greatly.  And I learned too in my reviere that the second son was once a upon a time a Chief of the Great Nation of the Americas and although he was white, he fought for, through pen and ink and his great wisdom for Red Man, Black Man, White Man and all Other Man, and I was sad that he was one of the men who are no longer amongst us.  I also found myself crying, for no other person I do not think will carry up that mantle of bravery, selflessness and humanity.

My question to you, who was that man?  And who upon who will pick up his mantle?  Peace Out Andy…..:-(



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