Old Wolf Saved by Doe and Fawn

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Old Wolf was running with the pack but because Old Wolf was slow he ran in the back pack.  Kicking Moose who knew he was going to be captured by Old Wolf lashed out with his back hooves and broke Old Wolf’s jaw.  Therefore Old Wolf cannot eat and will starve to death and he retreats to the front of his lair.  Much to his surprise a Mother Doe is giving birth in front of Old Wolf’s lair.  Doe instinctively trusts Old Wolf and gives birth and even trusts Old Wolf enough to lick Fawn clean, therefore, Old Wolf begins to renew and grow stronger after cleaning Fawn.  Old Wolf is nourished back to health by Doe who brings back fruits etc..which Wolf would never have eaten before but Wolf still guards Fawn and fights off packs upon packs of other Wolves to protect Fawn.  Badly wounded after so many battles Doe returns one day and Doe and Fawn lie down and surround wounded Old Wolf as Old Wolf’s life essence slips him by, but Old Wolf went up to the Great Creator as a noble creature and that is all I have to say………….Andy Peace Out 🙂


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