How Coyote Got His Bristles on His Snout

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ha!!!!!!!! Do not jump to conclusions…….it was never Porcupine…..Dear Reader!….I tell you the truth as was told to me.  The truth is one day Coyote was hungry upon hungry……the most hungry he ever was……so he perched himself on a river bed and looked for the biggest and most enticing fish to come his way and hopefully with his luck, never pass his way.  However, as time went by and no fish swam by he started to grow impatient and imputent…….lo and behold he saw something pass by his perch so he snapped and jumped into the water…..what did he catch?  Not a big fat fish…..not even a real fish at all…..he caught an eel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That scared poor Coyote so much he left scat from the river bed to the middle of the mountain where he lived and ever since then his soft whiskers hardened to bristles.  That is why the Great Creator divined that all Dog and Coyote should have bristles and not whiskers…..and that is all!  Andy, Peace Out…..:-)


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