We Were Called Savages

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ever since White Person crossed the great sea from beyond we know not where from…..and we rescued them from a certain death…of cold, famine, and disease….many years later they rewarded us (ha ha) with a ceremony called Thanksgiving.  You have learned far more from us than we ever did from you…….did you know that our culture was parallel to a culture that you hold up as your own, only because they are White, but you do not speak the other culture’s language because you are arrogant.  The other culture I am speaking of is credited with being the harbinger of democracy on which you rested your later laurels….however, did you not know that we had democracy long before?  Did you not know that like your lauded culture that you were too arrogant to speak to in their language were also as we are a warrior society?  Of course you do….because all you have to do is go to a museum…..but our museums are cheapened because we were the so called subjugated culture……because you infected us with your Old World plague, rape and pillage and fire power.  Speaking of democracy, which we had along with your vuanted old culture that you studied at infinitim……where do you think the word…CAUCUS..came from?..that is not from your vuanted culture…that is our word for A Meeting of Tribal Chiefs……for peace, for politics, for war, for treaties and for our ongoing struggle to remain who we are as Great Spirit meant us to be……just a real history lesson to you my friends…..that is all I have to say….Peace Out….Andy 🙂


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