Dancing Cougar……Laughing Otter

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Cougar one day while he was hunting also found out he was very agile as he twisted and spinned about…..and when he got back to his camp and laid the dinner in front of his She Cougar he danced and danced and danced practicing moves he had never ever seen or even imagined beyond his wildest of imagination.  So he bragged and bragged and one day while lapping water at the river side Otter said ” I heard you are a good and fabulous dancer and are very agile, prove it to me”.  So Cougar was so proud and thinking Otter was so lowly he readily assumed the unassumable (the he could be beaten).  So Cougar danced in front of Otter and danced a great storm…….dust, earth, grass, even weed eminated from under very very agile paws.  Exhausted Cougar sat down and said ” Ok Brother Otter, show me what you got”.

Well Otter in his element twisted, whirled, twirled and spun with such ease that Cougar was aghast and Cougar had the sense to run away in humility with the sound of the laughing Otter in his ears.  Such is a lesson of humility.  Every living thing under the Great Creator’s divine inspiration and creation has value…….even down to the tiniest little bug…..and to a big proud animal such as dancing Cougar…..who still to this day never never never brags or boasts in front of Otter……that is all I have to say….Andy, Peace Out 🙂


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