How Frog Got His Bulging Eyes

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

By and by one time when Brother Beaver was chuck chuck chucking away at a difficult piece of wood to build his dam as Creator had divined his mission to be…….Beaver saw an amazing sight!  Brother and Sister Frogs were playing a strange and unusual and heretofore never seen before game of play…….they were leaping over each other….taking turns….leap leap leap….and laughing all the way as they played…..Beaver being the industrious found himself Beaver the curious…….what is this strange play?….that I have never seen before?……so Beaver being as large and imposing as he is walked over and said “Can I join in your play?”…..Brother and Sister Frogs were very very intimidated at first, but then they felt honoured to be able to share the secrets of their game to another species of the Great Creator….Well do you know what happened Dear Reader?……The first time Beaver tried to jump over a frog he was so cumbersome and so ungainly and without grace outside of his own element……water……he landed heavily on the first frog and then the second that he was supposed to jump over.  To this day Frog still lives and thrives but is very very wary of Beaver.  Brother Frog now, because of Brother Beaver and all of his cumbersome weight survived, but to this day has bulging eyes!……that is why I say again, Brother Frog gives Beaver alot of leeway and will never play with Beaver again……that is all I have to say…….Andy, Peace Out…..   🙂


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