As Told By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Reader, remember when we were young and we used to play Cowboys and Indians?  Do you remember how we always used to joke about a funny tree like sculpture…..God forgive us we were young……and they were called Totem Poles……it took many many ages, dreams, much understanding of others and their cultures to learn the importance and significance of what Totem means….Totem is yours or your Family’s Animal Spirit Guide….Totem is a connection from the vertical world to reaching into the sky, the divine world where the Great Spirit sits and if so approves….if not, he will send down Thunderbird with a very strong vengence to eradicate an untrue and unfaithful Totem which has no history or meaning to the Family or the Creator…..Brother Lynx, Brother Beaver, Brother Cougar, Brother Wolf, Brother Eagle….all are significant because Human Life is significant and important and deserves to be memorialized……just like we memorialize family who have passed on and have gravestones erected in their memory so that they live forever, so do we erect and revere our Totem Poles and our Totem Spirit Guides of our said Families…….Just another lesson to you Dear Reader…..Andy, Peace Out 🙂


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