The Day We Were Bombed By Spagetti

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, my wife and I were joking around today about silly things I have done.  Years ago (ps….I still do it even though my wife doesn’t know)…..I cooked up too much spagetti……and because I have many bird feeders in my small backyard, Doves, Starlings, Red Cardinals, Blue Jays, Yellow Orioles, Arctic Birds (Junco), Sparrows, Swallows, and many many more….so, I thought I was doing a good thing early one summer evening while it was still light out and my neighbours funnily enough were all barbequing in their backyards and my back window faced them……well, ha ha ha ha, all of a sudden my wife and I ran to the back window/patio door when we heard screaming cries, “What is this?, What is this?”  and then they all ran inside forgetting about their barbeque and their meal….and one woman even screamed, It’s worms from the sky!…..well I guiltily stuck my head out the patio door and I recognized at least a dozen Crows and other Blackbirds, the culprits who had been feasting off the spaghetti in my backyard minutes before…… I guess they gorged themselves so much they carried far far far too much in their beaks to fly away……and here I am laughing out very hard even yet…….Spagetti fell out of their beaks and landed across my neighbourhood, landing helter skelter all across people, tables, chairs, heads breaking up quite a few bored boozed up barbequers with big fat bellies and Hawaiian shirts and Birkenstock sandals……At that I laughed even harder…… a lesson….feed your birds Italian…..they’ll thank you and they might even cheap “Amore Delicio!!!!!!!!”  So to this day, as a so called small man living in a high tech community with all the big shots, little man got one helluva laugh…..try it for a riot!!!!!!!!Peace Out, Your Brother and remember……bombs and spagetti away!  Andy :0)


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