The Day Woodpecker Stitched Mosquito

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Many many eons ago when life forms were enormous, Brother Mosquito was an out and out terror, the harbinger of much illness and the pest that he still is today (much to our dismay)……the Great Creator saw how much havoc Brother Mosquito was creating and once again as he had done before…….as you may remember Dear Reader (Snail with big tusks)…….he sent down Brother Woodpecker again and Brother Woodpecker immediately set about sewing up the lips of all the mosquitoes he could find.  To this day……Mosquito no longer has teeth or a long jaw, just a protruding and annoying stinger….but do you know what the stinger is?……Woodpecker in his haste forgot to carry off his needle, but the good thing is, mosquito has no teeth and with only Woodpecker’s forgotten needle can only give us a little prick from time to time…..that is all I have to say…..Peace Out, Andy :0)


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