Aardvark’s and Anteater’s Great Adventure

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well Dear Reader, I guess you are wondering about this title…..yes it did happen eons ago……Brother Aardvark and Brother Anteater were best of friends and to this day still are, even though because of the continental shift Anteater does not live anymore near Aardvark……they played and played, they rolled and tossed and they ran races and they were pretty much equal in their talents…….one day Aardvark said alright let’s put it all on the line……we will go to the top of the highest hill and whoever lands first will be the best…..and the other will acknowledge to all the animals who is the winner…..so, Aardvark being the outwardly strongest because of his big shell, immediately rolled himself into a ball as Aardvark’s do even knowing enough to tuck his tail inside……WHOOSH!…..Aardvark flew right from the get go……Anteater immediately saw disaster for his friend because there were trees upon trees and rock piles in Aardvark’s path…..so immediately Anteater lashed out with his long tongue and hit a branch of a tree with it and swung from tree to tree with his tongue to follow rolling Aardvark……just before Aardvark was to hit an enormous birch bark tree Anteater immediately zapped out his tongue and enveloped Aardvark and brought him to safety.  After two days and nights of giggling and laughing and teasing and guffawing…….Aardvark and Anteater found their way down the tree from which Anteater had saved Aardvark……to this day all birch bark trees have parchment like bark that can be removed and when dried written upon like paper on the inside bark which is where I read this story…….birch bark Dear Reader is North America’s first paper……Did you know that Dear Reader?…….Peace Out, Andy    🙂  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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