Ok…..Part Two……Sigh

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen
Here we go Folks, day three, and that spoilt brat who snuffed himself and I might repeat, himself, is still on the news. Can you believe tonight even Nancy Grace on CNN devoted almost a full twenty minutes on this one hit wonder, so what, what about today’s new total of 3931 brave American men and women who have died selflessly to support your country and yet nothing! nothing!  yet this little spoilt brat amongst several others who have snuffed themselves off through their own folly, indulgences, transgressions, eat in to so much air time, I still remember each and every single day when the tally goes up in that unrewarded and unrewarding war you are fighting,  hell even today I just learned from CNN, USA troops were actually pelted with rocks and stones and political invective (insults) by the so called grateful nation of Afganistan,  for whom you have lost another some 900 lives, yet, the beat goes on eh? (I’m Canadian eh)  so I guess we just have to listen and watch mediocrity glaze by across the big screen, but in my case, and especially this case, I call it Glazing Across the Big Scream! Peace Out, very annoyed Andy


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