Rat TV, Calling all Informants for $

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ironically enough Dear Readers, I am reading a book about my Brother Bikers and at the same time I was listening on TV on an American channel about how invaluable informants (rats) and how the system works therein.  Would you accept a tips reward vis a vis an unsolved crime that occured in your neighbourhood or anywhere that you helped solve due to your information?  I say no.  You are only doing your duty as a Canadian Human.  Would you turn in a pervert who lived amongst us?  For a reward?  Yes, turn him in.  No to the reward.  No thank you.  I am only doing my duty as a Canadian Human.  Would you turn in a Blood Brother or a Brother (you know what I mean) never.  Blood and Brotherhood comes first and foremost, especially if it was something that was not revulsive or sexual in nature, anything else involving Brothers is to be regarded strictly as his business.  No rats.  No rewards.  No nothing.  Let them do their job, don’t encourage them because one day they will come after you.  Peace Out, Andy….


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