Handcuffs in our Society, Legal and Illegal

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Still reading my book Dear Reader, and still knowing what I’ve already known through 52 years of life experiences that includes a well rounded  education, a misspent youth (ha ha ha), twelve years of street policing, working with the homeless for thirteen years as a volunteer…….It doesn’t all matter……..we all wear invisible handcuffs (one of my friends Roger Caron of Go Boy fame used to describe them as invisible chains)…..with our tax laws, our ever increasing indescriminate police presence just to collect tickets and then when dusk falls they scramble out of Dodge to the safety of Tim Horton’s…….or some other edifying place for the morbidly obese……seen it all Dear Reader….I was there and watched much to my disgust……anyways…..as I said I’m almost finished that book I was telling you about before, read and watch and listen to the news everyday and nothing has changed for the better or is new under the sun…….we are handcuffed with smoking regulations, handcuffed to taxation, obiligations that are usually obstifications of mistakes they have made themselves, also handcuffed if our discourse is not of the right flavour of the week and from our Christian beliefs……..oh no!……another politically incorrect person who pays almost fifty percent of his income to income tax to support such a benevolent system that got rammed up the……..you know what I mean……anyways…..I dare not write anymore because then I will really vent my spleen…….so……Peace Out, Andy…..Take Care….. 


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