Ok Democratic Debate Tonight….Vomit Bucket or Money Bucket?

As Told By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well Dear Readers and Friends, I hope you are going to watch the debate tonight televised across the continent……I advise you to have a barf bucket on one side of your chair and another bucket on the other side where you throw money……to determine who will be the winner of the debate tonight I’ll bet ya the money side is gonna win because the money side is gonna be the most intelligent, articulate and forward thinking….the vomit side will be the old platitudes we have heard over twenty years ago (he was a good man and still is and I revere him still)…so anyways…..weight your buckets at the end of the night and see how much of a difference there is in their weight and determine from there where you are going to go……..each and everyone of your votes are important especially in these times…….God Bless America, your Canadian Friend, Andy from Ottawa, Peace Out…..


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