Strange Trees, A Contest

As Told By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

One day the Creator said to all his creations in the world that he was going to divine and oppine on the most beautiful tree that he created.  Cedar, Birch, Oak, Pine and all other trees waved their branches back and forth in support of this beauty contest.  But little did Creator know (of course he did, cuz he is the Creator afterall) Birds of their familiar tree and their friends gathered together to make sure their particular tree won.  Would you believe Dear Reader, some trees even summoned animals to hang upside down with their tails to show the trees splendor!…..Well Great Creator, landed and saw trees feastooned with hanging by their tails marsupials, anteaters, aardvarks, bats, rats and pussy cats and pigs and even lizards, leaping lizards at that!  Well the Great Creator, scratched his head and said “I cannot reward any of you because I meant this to be a natural beauty contest of trees”…….then the Great Creator turned to walk away and almost stumbled over a tiny cactus……yes cactus is not beautiful but he is in spring time when he flowers…….and that was the time of the contest……Great Creator was so impressed with the humility of lowly cactus with his defensive thorns and his diminutive size but his springtime beauty cactus was awarded the most beautiful tree and then from there the Creator divined that cactus could grow as tall as two men tall………that is all I have to say……Andy, Peace Out……p.s. do not back up against cactus! that is no beauty treatment!


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