Accusations Abound But You Must Stay Strong

As Told By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Yes Brothers, I know what it is like, you’re living on a medical disability and as a result you’re on anti-depressants and yes you picked up the bottle and now the bottle has picked up you… were accused by someone of being weak, a burden, a curse, and even an effing inconvenience to their life……but you must be strong and realize if you could overcome your sickness or injury, in my case a massive head injury, you must forgive those people who even though they are supporting you are suffering with you and lose their grace….and intelligence from time to time….been there, done that, heard it all……and still rings my ears endlessly and got the tee shirt…….so anyways, being accused of being a load, an alcoholic, and a lazy ingrate, just suck it up……where else are you going to go….try Sally Ann…..see how far you get there……just hope and trust in God that all will soon be cool……Trust me I know……Peace Out, Andy….


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