Told ya….Spoiled Little Hollywood Brat Did Himself In….Boo Hoo!

As Told By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Reader, I of course mourn anybody’s untimely death…..however, as I predicted and wrote almost a month ago and as we all know as of yesterday, he did it to himself……six different drugs combined……what more do I need to say…..accident?…..stupidity?…..or wanting to leave a legacy a la Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, and the list goes on……so why do we weep for them?…….they had it all and snuffed it all in the literal and figurative sense of the word……I worry more about the youth who hero worship all these so called “Stars” who are nothing more than humans like the rest of us with feet of clay……I do wish Ledger a speedy trip to happiness, but I also wish that all whom he left behind including his fans (young) that they will be stronger than he proved to be……Peace Out, Andy


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