Tug of War Between Two Tails

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

One day without the Creator’s permission different animals decided to have a tug of war using their tails to see who the strongest one was……well first off Cat had the first tug of war against Rat and Cat lost because Rat’s tail has no fur and is slimy so Cat slinked off and sulked for eons…….then Aardvark swung down from a tree and said ” Armadillo get a piece of me if you can”……so Armadillo swung down from his tree and expressed his intent to challenge Aardvark so Referee Raccoon tied their two tails together and yelled “Pull”………..well to make a long story short they both pulled and pulled and pulled and they even were digging so deeply in their fight that they created the two of them the Grand Canyon which can be seen even to this day……and they pulled and pulled even more…….Aardvark even tried to use his nose to suck out the air of Armadillo but Armadillo just rolled into a ball and smashed the walls of the Grand Canyon even more……but eventually the two got tired when they had to take a bathroom break so they agreed to disentangle and boy did they run to the honey shack so fast……they have never been seen together since…..I guess honey shack won……and if you know what honey shack is….phew…..phew….that is the truth but that is another tale………Peace Out, Hanging from a tree with my monkey tail……….Andy


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