My Friend Sprunt the Bat…..By Andy the Cat

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

My name is Andy and I am a Cat and I am well used to slinking around whirling and twirling chasing and stalking.  One day would you believe Dear Reader, I saw this silly bat slam into one tree then another and then another and flitter all the way down to the ground!……Because I have a gentle side I snuck over to the Bat and I said “Bat….you are supposed to be so agile at night with your big ears and your supposed invisible voice, how come you hit tree to tree to tree?”….. Well Bat said to me “My name is Sprunt, I am the runt of my bat litter, I was born into and yes, I am blind as a bat like we all are during the daytime……but I have this affliction that I do not hear so well….so when I send out my invisible voice nothing comes back to me……and I am so hungry”…..well I, Andy the Cat, chased out and caught some mosquitoes and beetles and brought them back to Sprunt the Bat….and Sprunt was so happy with me… after a couple of days while I was feeding Sprunt the Bat, I decided to give him a bath cuz even a Bat needs a bath from time to time….so I licked my new friend Sprunt from wing to wing and tail to two ears…….much to my surprise I was so grossed out…..he had ear wax in both ears…..and as soon as my friend Sprunt the Bat was clean he flew circles around me thanking me in his very high pitched tone…..and promised me we would always be friends……and if he ever heard a mouse that I didn’t hear because I only have cat ears…..he would let me know……I said “that is not necessary, my friend Sprunt…you go and hunt and hunt and be a bat and rule the night along with me and my other cat friends because Cats and Bats rule the night….”….well Dear Reader, I do see Sprunt lots and lots he dips, dives, weaves and spins over my head giggling and thanking me all the time……he is doing well….but boy oh boy did his ear wax taste funny…..this is nauseating to recount!….but it has to be told because Sprunt the Bat was a funny funny bat…..that is all I have to say, Peace Out, Andy the Cat…..Meow!


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