Skittles My Bat Eared, Moose Faced Cat – Part Deux

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Skittles my crazy little kitten and I have devised a new game to play with each other in the early morning…..Skittles and I sleep together in the same bed, this is the truth, I swear……and he sleeps with me face to face……when I wake up, I’m not a macho guy that rolls around moaning and groaning and stretching……..I just open my eyes and at the same time Skittles sleeping four inches from my face, facing me……opens his eyes, so I close my eyes and he closes his…..then I open one eye very very slowly….almost a squint and damned if that cat doesn’t do the same thing…..then I take a hand and cover my eyes and Skittles covers his eyes with one paw, then I lower my hand and peek out over my hand and goll darn it if the kitten isn’t do the same thing back at me….we’ve been doing this now for two weeks……just thought I would edify you that any silly very intelligent and beautiful cat can be taught new tricks………or maybe I’ve been taught new tricks at 52……..Peace Out, All Power to Pussy Power………Andy Meow!


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