Fantasy Poetry

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Thriving in the sunlight

rendered incoherent and fluctuating

by the waxing and waning of the moon,

I seek

in moss and water,

plants, stones, drifting sand

and the play of light and shadows,

those deep forests, distant mountains,

and vast, mysterious beckoning places

almost remembered. (Author Unknown but well respected)



Filed under Culture, Fable, Inspirational, Life, Spiritual, World View

2 responses to “Fantasy Poetry

  1. rdsnowtiger

    It is beautiful how poetry can bring light to a situation!
    Ryan Daniels

  2. Andy Stephen

    Dear Ryan,
    For some reason, I just noticed your comment today, because my computer sits in the light, if a comment is showing I can’t always see it…..anyways, you are right Brother….light and poetry go together like a hand in a well fitted and well protective glove….Thanks for your comment, keep on rockin in this so called free world…Peace Out, Much Respect…..Andy…and thanks again….

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