Upside Down Bird…..Why I do what I do…

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers who ask me why the Upside Down Bird flys upside down…..because Young Readers, just like you when your parents tell you what to do, you do the exact opposite!  That is why Upside Down Bird flys upside down…..because like you little Young Readers, he too, is doing exactly opposite of what people tell him to do…..and that is perfectly normal….for all Young people need to challenge, experience, and then learn……and believe it or not Upside Down Bird did one day learn to fly right…..right side up!……Just as you will Young Reader…..because our teachers, spiritual advisors, parents, and even older brothers and sisters have learned a thing or two along the way…..about flying right side up…..but boy oh boy is it ever fun flying upside down when you are a bird and people think you are being so contrary…..that’s what life is all about…..Rejoice in your youth!…Peace Out, Andy…..God Bless You All!


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