USA….Penn State…..What were you thinking?

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Pennsylvania… voted the Witch in…..she only is using you for an oil change for her broom….she is gonna lose big time at the end….but what were you thinking by voting for her anyways?  Does she the Princess of Pomp and Supercilliousness and the Dodger of Bullets from Bosnia……do you really think she can understand and “relate” to the blue collar workers, the old folks, the poor folks, and the marginalized in your society when you have a brave warrior who crawled up the ladder step by step by step to achieve greatness and by this I do mean both Barrack and John….but obviously I know, in Canada, nothing talks more than a one hundred and nine million dollar silver spoon in your mouth….(John I know you’re not included in this because obviously you’re waiting to take on the winner of this dust up)…, explain this to me again Penn State… got a supercillious, pompous, arrogant, creature on a broom who claims to know and understand all you poor white folks…..then you got a young very intelligent, very gifted shining political winner who has come up the hard way and you still believe and spent your votes on you know who……I cannot talk anymore…..I am so disgusted…..Andy from Canada….


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