Yes Readers There Are Upside Down Birds That Fly!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

My Dear Young Readers, I thank you for your interest in my discovery of an unknown secret that is hidden from adults, just like Santa Claus, just like the Tooth Fairy, and little Leprechans, that do mischief and really do guard the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow….and as for Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy…..even me, an old man still believes and still believes in the magic and the beauty… yes, Young Readers, there are birds that fly upside down…..they are magical friends of mine….who drop by from time to time when I feel sad and seeing them, I laugh and so do they, then they fly away and I all of a sudden realize that they made me feel glad… always believe in the magic, the magic of life….the magic of God and the magic of believing…believing in yourself that you can one day be so happy that you feel like you own the world or our country that you can go all the way through school and beyond and that you can always be a friend to somebody who needs a friend……God and magic will make it happen……so yes, Young Readers, I believe in the Upside Down Bird…….I still see him….and I am a very happy old man…….God Bless You Young Readers!…Andy….Peep Peep…. 


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