Does anybody really read these things?

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

I am very easy to read, and very easy to get in touch with…I have posted many truthful and provacative messages yet I have never had one message back…well….I’m gonna put another one up on the board…To Barry Manilow…I offer my sincerest and most heartfelt apologies for thinking bad about you and your music…when I was growing up in the 1970’s …… yesterday I saw how much you helped and pushed Bette Midler to her stellar limits that she so well deserves…I am so sorry Barry back in those days I was heavy metal and beyond, but now at 53 years old I reflect more and understand more….Best to you Barry….Once again…does anybody really read these things? Best to you Buddy!  and a special nuzzle to our friend Bette!  Andy from Ottawa


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One response to “Does anybody really read these things?

  1. I saw… I read… and I think Bette’s great too!
    I don’t believe it would have been possible for either of them to be where they are today had they not met and worked together all those years ago.
    As for what I think about Barry… well, just look at my screenname. 😉


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