4093 People Killed!!! What is going on?

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, especially our American Brothers and Sisters, what is going on in that ingrate duplicitous nation you are trying with blood and treasure to so call liberate?  Do you think you get any thanks from them?  Me, as a Canadian, ex-Cop, ex-military, ex-biker independent but connected, every morning on my pad I have the daily, weekly and monthly list of your growing toll….and every morning when I wake up and turn on CNN I put a cigarette out as I smoke my first and lay it across the pad…..in honour of your losses…I leave it there all day….sadly sometimes I have to move the cigarette and add to that list…..that damned list…of your losses….and at night before I go to bed that cigarette is my last cigarette because before I go to bed I want to remember them…..then in the morning I repeat the same procedure…new cigarette…new day….and I am hoping no new losses…..that I have to smoke that damned last cigarette….does anybody in the White House or Pentagon ritualize such loss of blood and treasure of your nation?  All my love, to the 4093 people and their families and exponientially at least 20 to 30 times more people who suffer for such a stupid war “liberating” such a stupid people…..Andy from Canada….


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