Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain? Think hard on this one!

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok!  What an exciting couple of days on CNN, The View, Larry King and it’s still going on…..it is absolutely splendid and edifying to watch.  Who can compare the two?  On one hand we have a beautiful lawyer, very very beautiful I might add, very intelligent without an ounce of vitriole.  Then on the other hand we have a blousy blonde who is a few decades removed from the Beach Boys sound….I think you can take it from there…I’m with the smart one……and her very equally intelligent and intellectually powerful spouse.  So…I don’t think I need to name names do I Dear Reader?  However, to be fair I still respect the service of the Warrior.  God Bless America!  Vote Right, Vote Smart….it’s Your Country and Your Future!  Peace Out, Andy from Canada….


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