Hulk Hogan missel, dissel, squissel, Pez Head..

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hey you Dork, Pez Head, weren’t those 3 words in my title your secret messages to your dork son?  I am surprised, but you are probably pleased, that things seem calm now…..however, up here in Canada a lot of us are in alliance with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers…..I too, am a victim, or should I say, a Survivor of a drunk and stoned truck driver, who cut me off and ran over me and my 12 day old Harley Davidson…..anyways, up here in Canada, because of yours and your dork son’s blatant infamy re:  the tapes……we would still be pounding on our Law Makers doors for action and reform….I hope this will all come back and bite you big time…..Pez Head…..always remember…..My words….War Veteran, Two Tours, Drunken Driver, Permanently ruined human being…..missing a fifth of his head….because of your self entitled, self indulged, self agrandized, Pez Head, Dork of a Son…you must have made a fine example for him to follow…you piece of shit….Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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