Pussycat Pussycat, I love you…yes I do…

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As I am sitting here reciting this to my wife (my secretary), I am so full of love and gushing with good feelings and good will about my little Skittles!  If you read my blog you will see the poem that I wrote about him…years ago…anyways….he’s still is small for his size and age, but when I bend down to pick him up I immediately think, Oh my God….he is a shotput…..he’s a little heavy bugger….I don’t know where his weight comes from….anyways…he and my Grandson had a crazy wild day yesterday….chasing each other around the house and playing with a catnip mouse…and on and on it went….and as soon as my Grandson Ben went home little Skittles searched the house all three floors, basement included, looking for Ben…..and they say Cats are fickle in their affection?  My Skittles, I have always sworn would give the remainder of his 9 lives to spend one life as a human……this Cat is so human it’s incredible!…he loves coffee, he won’t drink from the Cat bowl of water, he only drinks from my coffee mug that I fill with water and leave on the counter and I could go on, but my secretary is claiming arthritic pain…so Peace Out, catch you and I emphasize “cat”ch you later….Andy….Meow!


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