Dumbing Down of Society…Gag Me Out!

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, I’ve had one too many glasses of wine, but, this I had to whine about.  I am so sick of the dumbing down of our culture.  Our movies, are f’ing stupid.  The last two movies I saw were Ran and The Last Emperor.  The last classical music CD and television special that made me cry were the Three Tenors.  The last commercial I laughed at was a take off of the Beverley Hillbillies….where oh where has smart television, smart movie making, and smart lyric making re the stupid songs we hear now…..where is our culture going?  I think into a black hole of Calcutta….meaning, an abyss…and as we all know when you stare into the abyss…the abyss stares back at you…..God help us all!  Our political correctness, our dour economy, our staid personalities, have screwed and twisted what should have been a beautiful vibrant and ever growing and ever enlargening and ever engrossing culture of power, intelligence and growth….God, I am glad I am 53….I’ve lived a good fun life….1960s, 1970s, 1980s…..and it all ended after there…..I am sure…..I bet the bullet, I am looking at right now, that I am right….Peace Out, Andy…..from Ottawa….



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2 responses to “Dumbing Down of Society…Gag Me Out!

  1. Hi
    I’m 53 and I’m happy I’m not one of the brain dead sheeple seen roaming the streets.

    The one thing sheeple are very good at – following stupid rules that are slowly removing freedoms.
    They don’t even notice.

    Last two movies my wife and I went to,don’t remember what they were called, it was years ago,but we walked out half way through. Garbage.

    I was talking to a teacher my age and asked – how bad is the education system?

    “When you graduated grade 8 you had the same functional education of a grade 12 grad of today” was his reply

    Everyone needs to read Agenda 21 and Cloak of Green found on my blog.

    Stupid people are easy to manipulate

    Enjoy your freedom while you have it.


  2. Andy Stephen

    Hi Atomcat,
    Love the cool moniker….glad you agree with me…I will indeed, be following you as you have followed me….take care…Peace Out, Andy from Ottawa

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