Jon-Benet Ramsay…..Now Pineapple Theory?

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

I am just watching the Nancy Grace show as we speak, my Secretary/Wife is typing as fast as I speak…..we’re talking touch DNA, which I believe is relevant and important……and some hag that was on first on the show was talking about pineapple in that poor girl’s stomach which was less than 2 hours old and a bowl of pineapple on the kitchen counter….never heard that before in 12 years…..I think the DA, the police, and every other law enforcement agency is grasping at every straw mostly imagined I might add… nail the last survivor of the family…..Mr. Ramsay himself….poor Patsy was lowered into the ground still with a cloud of suspicion, I don’t know how the Son can bear what he has been dealt with by the Police and Press…..ok, the show is back on,….I gotta go….Andy


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