Barack Obama Fans and Friends – Let’s Get Together!

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ya ok, I’m not American, by citizenship, but, I am American by heart…..spent a lot of years in your Country….two years of my halycion years in Hermosa Beach, still remember the area code….90254…..anyways, Americans, Brothers and Sisters….what is with this outrage and so called claims of audacity on the part of Brother Barack who has done nothing but raise the American reputation and profile to stellar heights…..can you imagine the Warrior who in all due respect, I call him the Warrior, but, can you imagine, him, being so well received…across the Middle East, Europe and in Europe the greatest anal thermometer is how the French react to Americans…and Barack blew them away!  80% CNN quote from today, the 25th of July, from France, the French themselves, want him as the President of the USA….anyways, Let’s see if McCain can pull that off…..he couldn’t and wouldn’t dream of such overseas popularity…..that is so important if you are the Chief in Command and as for the slippage in popularity re the twosome all that is, is July and crazy August boredom poppycock… wait until November, the poppycock is going to be Obamapop all across the nation and as I said before I got a good bottle of Spanish Rioja red wine with a fine Cuban cigar that I am going to smoke in January 2009…..God Bless America!  God Bless the Warrior!  and God Bless the entire Obama Family…..they are the Stars!  and a special wink and smile to Michele….Andy from Canada….



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2 responses to “Barack Obama Fans and Friends – Let’s Get Together!

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Then you need to get Obama to become the president of your country, we don’t want him or at least 50% of Americans thinks he a risk! You’re welcome to him if you can get him away from the gays in SF, USA

  2. Andy Stephen

    Hey goodtimepolitics! Thanks for the quick comment…you’ve got your right and I respect that…lots of your’s and my kin died to protect that….anyways, thanks for the reply and I say again, God Bless the USA and yes, we would take Obama in a New York second….we used to have a popular politician up here…Pierre Elliott Trudeau! Peace Out, Andy from Canada

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