Starbucks Coffee Seattle Mentality…BONG (Smoke)

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it…..years upon years ago when you were starting out and then expanding over exponetially overly exponetially I might add….I remember walking by a Starbucks and me, as an old Ex-Cop, I like my coffee Italian style….no Tim Hortons and donuts thank you….straight Espresso no sugar….and I walked by that stupid franchise and an Espresso was almost $3.00?…..well, to tell you the truth I expended maybe fifty cents worth of gas to drive down to little Italy and spend $1.00 on the real deal….so, Screw you Starbucks!….you did it to yourself……you over priced yourself… over yuppyfied yourself and grossly over extended yourself in your hubris….I am so glad and I am so gratified that my marketing acumen proved right years ago when you first started out….they say from Cult to Culture….well….yes you were a Yuppy cult….now you have proven to be up there in the hierachy of Yuppy hubris culture….so sad….so sad….nice to see ya….wouldn’t want to be ya….you did it to yourselves…..Andy from Canada….


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