John McCain I was laughing all through your Speech…..

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear John, oops, sorry saying Dear John to anybody who has been in the services….we all know how and what goes on behind our backs……………I was watching a couple of your speeches and thought you were grasping at a sense of humour when I realized, much later, and much to my befuddlement, you were talking seriously….sorry John, I should hunker down and try harder to discern what you mean when you talk….it doesn’t come easy for you my Friend….and I can well understand that….so anyways, you and Barack are close in numbers but in terms of the outcome and the imagination and aspirations of a nation, I think you’ve got to give it up to Barack…..I respect you very much, you are the Warrior….you can check all my old blog posts and see, I’ve always credited you with that….so before you walk into that dark night of defeat, just pull out and let your Country’s brightest hope shine forth… will be well remembered for that too, as well as all of your magnificient life’s achievements….God Bless you Warrior!  God Bless the USA! Yours truly, Andy from Canada……


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