I just heard CNN – Dick Cheney vs John McCain – Cool!!!!!

As Told By Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dick Cheney, your country and mine (Canada) would more than welcome you….I think you should indeed put your hat into that proverbial ring….just to knock a helluva lot of points off of McCain……now, do not get me wrong Dick, I respect the warrior and all of my posts on my blog can back me up….but when I heard a whiff of a suggestion just five minutes ago…..on CNN at approximately 7:10 p.m. on Saturday, August 09, 2008, I scrambled upstairs and woke up my computer secretary and am posting this message at this minute…..God I hope it’s true….Dick, I’ve always loved you Man!  I’ve always enjoyed, especially your teasing paring and thrusting with the news / White House Correspondents….I’ve always admired you….God Bless USA, your warriors overseas, and you and yours…..Much Admiration, Andy from Canada……


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