Jon Voight – Just heard you on CNN at 7:43 p.m.

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Jon, are you on mushrooms again?  They can’t be Canadian mushrooms, because we don’t make asses of ourselves on TV like you are doing right now….on the Glenn Beck Show – CNN.  Barack Obama a Marxist??????? Are you nuts?  Do you even know what Marxism means?  and who in University decades before didn’t have to study Karl Marx whether it was Philosophy or History… Jon, stick to acting which you are not very good at…and stick to parenting which you’re not very good at….so stick with what you know Bro….I think it is spinning your wheels for decades at a time….still in the same spot eh Jon….Peace Out, Andy from Canada…



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2 responses to “Jon Voight – Just heard you on CNN at 7:43 p.m.

  1. sportsdemotivation

    He’s got Obama nailed.

    Live with it or go bang a moose!

  2. Andy Stephen

    Dear Wanna-be Moose Banger,
    Short and to the point….I like that….but, I don’t think Jon could ever nail Obama…because Obama looks like he is one helluva fast runner….and he’s going to run right into the Oval Office, as for Jon, he’ll be spinning his wheels like he has for decades…going no where, talk about a no where person….no career, no future, no love of his kids and no brains…let alone political insight…so, I’m going out now….going to bang a moose or a grizzly, ya, up here in Canada, we’re tough enough to bang our grizzlies….Much respect Bro…Peace Out, Andy.

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