Georgia on my Mind…I’m talking European Georgia…

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, I cannot understand President Bush who fights tooth and nail, even in the latest war at the expense of 4141 troopers, men and women, to shove democracy down the throats of people who don’t even want it….let alone the American ethics over the past fifty years of inculcating and promoting and supporting coup d’ete tas and murdering through the CIA various opponents “opposed to the democratic reality and wishes of their people”….now Georgia has taken a hit, what’s going to happen George?  Are you going to leave it to Barack to solve, when you slip out of the office in November?  I hope it is Barack because he will step up to the plate and clean this up real fast….shame on you George….shame on the CIA….shame on your subordinates…..that country deserves a fair shake and ally who immediately steps up….Peace Out….Andy from Canada….and if there is not to be peace….sign me up….I’ve had my kids and grandkids…so I am very expendable and willing….


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