Michael Jackson Says the Best is Yet to Come!

As Written by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Michael, Michael, Michael……you little fruit cup….what can you possibly mean that the best is yet to come, now that you’re 50 years old?  Does it mean you are finally going to be incarcerated for one of your many crimes?…..Pedophilia…..pedophilia…pedophila…or, another crime based on the grooming you are performing on another little boy…..boy oh boy….Michael, Michael….I do believe the best is yet to come with you….and that will be the clanging sounds of a bar door hitting your ass as you walk into your cell…happy 50th by the way…..Yours….well not quite yours…..just a figure of speech when you end a letter….Andy from Canada….



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4 responses to “Michael Jackson Says the Best is Yet to Come!

  1. victoriatorres

    Well, Andy. Your to be compassionate I thought? You are judging Micheal on FACTS? I do not think so. What about who you say is innocent? Were the FACTS mixed up? You should know better!
    I do for a FACT, know that Micheal is working on a project, so amazing, it will BLOW people away!
    So stay tunned, because it will be BIG!(wait till some of my people read this, who are WORKING with Micheal on this amazing project!)
    Victoria Torres of Excel Entertainment in Hollywood, Ca.
    http://www.victoriaexcelent.com (soon…)

  2. Andy Stephen

    Dearest Victoria,
    Pleased and honoured that you responded to me…I’ve seen you on CNN and I know how powerful you are….as for the Fruit Cup….he has alot to prove to all of us that he is on board and as for any new project that he is working on I would be somewhat dubious because he is a 50 year old man in hiding sometimes wearing a burka to hide in Saudi Arabia….I mean….really Victoria….let’s get real! Much admiration, I saw you not too long ago, Love, Andy from Canada….

  3. Andy Stephen,

    Thank you for the comment. I’m getting back to LA now and catching up on this blogging thing. I guess he will just have to “prove” himself for people to trust Micheal again. No doubt he is talented though. Your blog’s are tempered with spice and I give you a BIG applause!

    Success Wishes, Victoria Torres of Excel Ent.

    • Andy Stephen

      Dear Victoria,
      Just got your message….thank you very much for your edifying and pleasing (same thing eh? – LOL)….keep following my blog….as a matter of fact I’m sending another off as soon as I finish this email…and as for MJ….POP…we’ll see…trust me…I know too, he is brilliant, but between you and I, and I am being honest here…it’s just a proclivity thing that bugs me…..hope to hear from you soon Victoria….all the best….oh by the way, I used to live Hermosa Beach , CA…zip code 90254….so I envy you getting back to LA and thereabouts…..Your friend in Canada, Andy

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