Constable Perry Dunlop – Cornwall PD…Will the Witch Hunt End?

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Dunlop Family, once again here we go….the Justice system corrupted and putrified has sentenced a hero, your husband Perry, to another 30 days in jail for contempt of court when he knows that there was no use in testifying into the Cornwall pedophile conspiracy that involved from lay priests (digusting name eh?), right up to the Mason ring wearing head honchos of Cornwall….police, business men, mayor, etc…..tell Perry that I, Andy Stephen from Ottawa, have been through the meat grinder fighting the good fight and fighting for my name, so I can well understand.  One thing Perry, twelve years later after I resigned they were still after me and hooked me on a bullshit totally bullshit charge that I did eleven months in RDC for….so, your good fight ain’t over yet….find out my phone number through any Ottawa phone book and call me up when you get out…..and I will hook you up with CTV, CBC and probably some American affliates….because your fight ain’t going to be over until they see and verify your under a steamroller….so best to you buddy, get back asap, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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