Constable Perry Dunlop – We Got a lot of Support For You!

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dearest Mrs. Dunlop, because I know or figure Perry’s in the House already… would not believe how many blog hits I have had on my blog where I support and fully understand and even had to walk the walk when the Man is out to get you…..been there, done that, got the tee-shirt, and years later they sprung a false charge against me that I served time for…, Mrs. Dunlop, tell Perry, just one person alone on his blog, there is a lot of people hitting your story…..and as I promised, if you reach out to me, I’ll hook you up with a shit load of press…..and I’m sure it would only augment all the press that you already have….I cannot believe that the Pig’s and the Masons are still after you…’d think they would be smarter considering that they are the captains of our so called free society……Best to you Perry and Mrs. Dunlop….Best Wishes….Andy, Peace Out….


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