Brother Barack….I really, sorry to say, I think you lost it!

Dear Brother Barack, you must have already heard about me, from all my messages in support of you, your family, and your cause, and may I make that many causes for the betterment of your country….but, I think and as a matter of fact, as soon as I heard it, you were blown out of water as soon as John McCain, the Warrior who I respect, and I might add, your the Politician I love, however, as soon as McCain introduced Palin I knew you were sunk…..what can I say…..obviously you could not have had Hilary on your ticket….because that would have been bogus and everybody would have known it….and the she devil would have had you screaming “et tu Brutus”, so, obviously you couldn’t find a real credible and upstanding and stalwart Democratic female?  I don’t think you tried hard enough!  Anybody could have seen that…..even me a lay man…..anyways, McCain beat you to the punch buddy!….with an experienced, very articulate and very telegenic personality and the imaginations that were running wild for you now are transferred to her…..I’m so sorry Barack….honest to God, I really am so sorry….at least you’re young enough to run for eons to come……much respect, Andy from Canada…


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