To all Canadian Broadcasters…Shame on You….re: Killer Kowalski…

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To all Canadian Broadcasters, News Writers, Sportscasters and all of the rest……How come I’ve never seen anything on TV except our American brother channel, CNN, to tell us about the demise of Killer Kowalski?  You are ready to report immediately if Britney Spears has an ingrown hair, you know where, or if Lyndsay Lohan has an ingrown toenail, or if Cher has a bad hair day….that’s news eh?  Screw you guys!  Get your act together…..write about the old icons and heros…..even in their demise….so that us old geezers can explain to our children and grandchildren who that particular hero was and what he meant to us in our time…, my last sentence is…..Get your act together….RESPECT YOUR ELDERS…..and HEROS….and remember people have power….Electorate, television poll power, rating power, spending power, and I remind you again….poll power….because we are now the majority….did you forget dumb asses?  Much Respect, Andy  


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One response to “To all Canadian Broadcasters…Shame on You….re: Killer Kowalski…

  1. victoriatorres

    Not all of us are bad in Hollywood. Infact, I am trying to do something that is needed & different here & have amazing support!
    If people would demand better venues of media, it would come. Look, now less reality shows (which killed many small managers, agents & talent!) because the public is not so obessed with it. Thanks to come back shows like, Desperate house wife’s! Take Care, Victoria Torres of Excel Entertainment

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