Smokey Joe – Hermosa Beach – Now I understand….1967

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dearest Smokey Joe, I know you are no longer with us….probably for a long time you have gone….in 1967 I moved to Hermosa Beach, California, area code 90254….and I remember you well… were described as a spastic 50 year or 60 year old man and you would chain smoke while never inhaling and your lips would just pucker and that was your smoking….anyways, one day a teenage girl came up to a bunch of us younger punks, who I admit were chuckling silently as you walked by, and told us in a load voice….do you not know he was straffed by machine gun fire from a Japanese airplane while he was alone on deck of a destroyer, during WWII?……Smokey Joe…..I could have died and eaten my shorts at the same time… here it is in 2008, I’m 53, and I just finished watching the movie Pearl Harbour and it vivified what must have been your total Hell……and I thought of you right away……God Smokey…..I hope you forgive me, and forgive all of my friends who used to chuckle behind your back, because you were obviously, not that we knew at that time, because the term wasn’t common or known, shell shocked beyond human belief…..Bless you Smokey…..Bless you again…..yours, Andy from Canada….


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