Donald Marshall…Saw you again…What a pity…F….K

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Donald, Donald, Donald….I don’t care you got a university educated very beautiful girlfriend sticking up for you…I don’t care you got that shaved head lesbian lawyer behind you, I don’t care that a travesty was foisted on a Royal Commission in your name….I don’t care you Eel slimer got a wad of cash for something that was your own stupid fault… went into the woods with the Seale kid to rob an old man Roy Ebasary and his friend and boy oh boy were you surprised that somebody over 50 years older than you were at the time got the jump on you guys…..whine whine whine…..ya, you were the author of your own misfortune….you deserved every day you spent and you certainly don’t, and still don’t deserve a penny you got from the Commission….you are a piece of crap…I’d love to meet you and tell you face to face, so you could not accuse me of being a hidden blogger….so anyways…..enjoy the cash, milk the system some more, play the victim over and over and over….yours Andy from Ottawa…


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