How to Confuse a Wife – Part 1 – Same guy who wrote How to Confuse a Cat…

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Disclaimer from wife:  There is no accounting for the idiot that writes these blogs…

1.  Every now and then yell your wife’s name while you are watching TV and when she comes downstairs, look all innocent and say, “What? What?, I never called you”?  Apply bandages as necessary…

2.  Buy bras and underwear several sizes smaller than your wife, cut the tabs off and place them in her lingerie drawer….listen carefully for the next few days of her complaints of gaining weight….

3.  Subscribe for your wife, in her name, a male pornographic magazine….bet you’ll never see those magazines again….but check under her side of the bed from time to time..

4.  Exchange your wife’s underarm deodorant stick, hopefully they are same size, with yours and then giggle when your wife is pissed off because of all the lesbians hitting on her….

5.  Frequently change the bookmarks of the books your wife is reading….that will really confuse her…

6.  Been there…done that…got the teeshirt…and the black eyes and the bandages….yours truly, Andy from Canada.


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