Dear USA – Your Congress Let You Down

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the USA, I cannot believe the bail out package was not approved….I’m not a genius, I’m not even a smart man, even though I try to convince my wife that I am…..however, even a drone would know if you don’t bail out Wall Street to save Main Street you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face….the repercussions are already across the world…..indexes falling an average of 7% and that is only today….you want to live in a depression world?  Do you want, all of you I might add, to depend on soup kitchens, living in your car, if it hasn’t been repossessed already….I can go on with the doom and gloom, but I’m not a smart man…but I do have common sense….and yes, I know that is Glenn Beck’s line, but he stole it from me years ago….because I am 20 years older than him…..good luck USA…..good luck world….I guess we are going to need a WWIII to pull us out of this one, just like WWII pulled us out of the last one….God forbid…..Peace Out, Andy from Canada….



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