To all of Skittles Fans – Got another Story – Crazy Man!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As usual Dear Fans of Skittles, I was watching CNN this afternoon and what did I see out of the corner of my eye?  A big, fat, hairy, long legged spider….trying his best to get out of my patio window….well Skittles of my three cats is the most hilarious, pretty, petite, and a real hunter….no house fly even in the summer time survives more than 15 minutes…..anyways, Skittles, I don’t know how….found out about this Spider….and he jumped in full tilt….full tilt boogey I might add…..I think he was going to have a easy catch….anyways…everytime he padded and swatted at the Spider, with his paws, the Spider made sure to cling on to the paws so Skittles was shaking his paws and the Spider would fall off and run away for another encounter….honest to goodness, I saw this with my own eyes….the Spider would crouch down and was facing my killer cat….this went on and on and finally Skittles just walked away because he was bored….and I picked up the Spider, a very health Spider I might add, still full of life, piss and vinegar, and I gently put him outside….and of course the Spider ran up the side of the patio door so I’m sure Skittles and the Spider are going to have another RAW war during the winter….God, pets, nature, love and life is so funny….God Bless you all!  Andy from Canada.


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