Drunk Driver X Five, 6 Months…I will break it down for you….

As Told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok first off, I will say I am biased against drunk drivers…..I am an ex-cop who was run over on a brand new Harley, 12 days old by a drunk driver, hit and run, I might add….left with a severe head injury, part paralyzed entire right hand side……now, that I have put my biased forward….let us break down what 6 months means for a drunk driver charged 5 times …… first off…you get automatic, 1/3 off for mandatory statutory release, so that brings it down to 4 months let us say…..then, every weekend you serve Saturday, Sunday…is double time so, four months becomes 3 months, then, there is an issue of parole….but, thankfully in the Ontario Correctional system it is 1/2 sentence….so, this bastard’s doesn’t even need parole he’s getting out before he would even be eligible for parole…..what a system eh?  Drunk driver x five and yet we have homeless people sleeping in gutters, and on the street…..no relief for them…..I could go on and on, but, because I live only on CPP and the good graces of my ex-wife who I re-married….I can only afford a certain amount of mental energy…..I shit you not….peace out, Angry Andy….


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