How to Confuse a Wife….Part 69 (2)…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

How to confuse a wife….hello out there…and hello to all of our fans of the gentler sex (ya, right)….anyways, Part 69 (2), 1.  When you take your wife out to a Chinese Restaurant, or Thai or Vietnamese insist on chopsticks, no knives or no forks……then while you and your beautiful betrothed are eating…using chopsticks loadly correct your wife that she is using the right hand chopstick when she should be using the left closest to the thumb and fore finger…insist over and over and over that she is using the wrong chopstick…watch to see how confused she looks….2.  Tell your wife that her personal car has had a recall and is too dangerous to drive because the gas pedal has a malfunction….drive her car by yourself to an auto hardware store and buy a tiny replacement clutch pedal and then in the parking lot exchange that tiny pedal with her gas pedal…….drive home proudly and tell your wife that the recall was because the gas pedals were too large and using smaller gas pedals cuts your gas consumption in half….(note from wife:  does this guy really think we are that stupid?) …..then bite your fingers to stop from laughing and watch your wife nod her head in understanding, then watch her face contort in confusion…..just for your edification men of the world…..special hello to Al Bundy…..Andy from Ottawa…..


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